Day 4 Roundup

Switzerland lost out to Netherlands in a close game Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Draw fourteen had two very close games in the men’s championship.

Norway led by one shot at the halfway point of their game against Australia.

A steal of two points by Australia in end five gave them a one point lead before Norway got that back in the eighth end.

The game went to an extra end and with last stone advantage Australia got a single point to win the game 6-5.

Slovakia and Japan were tied at three points each after four ends.

Slovakia stole one point in the sixth end to take the lead before Japan got two points in the next end to tie the score again.

Slovakia had last stone advantage in the final end and scored one point to win 6-5.

Neither team could get an advantage in the Denmark v Italy game.

Tied at three points each after four ends, Italy stole two points in the sixth end.

Denmark then hit back with a four points in the sixth end and a single point steal in end seven to win the game 8-5.

Sweden and Austria was a one sided affair as Sweden were up by four points after four ends.

Austria managed one point in the fifth end but conceded after losing two points in the sixth end, the final score 7-2 to Sweden.

In the women’s championship, two games finished on the same score.

Canada dominated their game against Finland, starting with a steal of four points in the first end.

Finland conceded after six ends though, the final score 9-3 to Canada.

Italy against Switzerland was close to start with as Switzerland led by one point after four ends.

Then Switzerland took charge with two points in the fifth end, stealing two points in the sixth end and stealing one more point in the seventh end.

Italy then conceded the game to Switzerland with the final score 9-3.

Session 15 saw USA women come up against an experienced Swedish team.

This proved to be a game of two halves - Sweden dominated in the first half, stealing two points in the fourth end and taking a single point in the fifth end for a three shot lead.

From there on USA dominated, scoring one point in the sixth, stealing two single points in ends seven and eight to tie the game.

In the extra end, USA stole five shots to win the game 9-4.

After the game, the USA's Margie Smith said: "It feels good. We shouldn't have been in this position. There were a couple of shots that we missed. Finally we got our draw weight but we struggled with it at the beginning. We just needed to make the key shots."

The Czech Republic took control of their game against Slovakia from the first end. After four ends they were ahead by three points.

Slovakia then stole one point in the fifth end before the Czechs got two points over ends six and seven. That was enough for the Czechs to win the game 6-2.

In the men's games, Scotland started well against England, thanks to two scores of three points and a steal of two points in the fifth end.

Scotland went into the last few ends with a five shot lead before the game then went England's way as they scored two points in the sixth end and took single point steals in seventh and eighth ends.

This wasn’t enough though as Scotland took the game 8-7.

Afterwards, Scotland skip Keith Prentice said: "We never want to lose to our nearest neighbours. We got off to a good start and just tried to be defensive after that. Sometimes it can go wrong and it nearly did go wrong."

Meanwhile, England's John Sharp (after their 8-7 loss against Scotland): "We had a very good game against Scotland, it was a tough game for us. Scotland played very well."

Switzerland and Netherlands meanwhile had a close, low scoring game. There was just one point between them after four ends -Netherlands led by one thanks to a steal of one point in end three.

That’s what made the difference as the teams swapped two points and single points in the last four ends before the Netherlands won the game 5-4.

Hungary put five points on the board in the first half against Russia.

The Russians did manage a single point in end six but when Hungary scored one point in the seventh end, Russia conceded with the final score 6-1 to Hungary.

Following their win, Hungary's András Rókusfalvy said: "I am very happy that finally we won our first match in the championship. We were very focused, very accurate in the beginning, so in the second half we just needed to keep our advantage. The Russian team made some mistakes which was a bit of help for us."

In session 16, the Ireland versus Denmark game in the men’s Senior Championship was over in six ends.

Ireland dominated right from the start, getting four points in the first end and stealing one in the second end.

Denmark couldn’t get into the game. They got two single points in ends three and five before they conceded after Ireland got another four points in the sixth end, with the final score 11-2 to Ireland.

Wales against Italy was a tighter game to start. Italy were ahead by one point after five ends.

Wales got three points in the sixth end however for a two shot lead.

Italy scored just one point in the seventh end and with last stone in eighth end Wales took one point to win the game 6-4.

Latvia was the stronger team in their game against Poland. The game was low scoring to start then Latvia got four points in the fifth end for a five shot lead.

Poland conceded after seven ends as Latvia won 7-3.

New Zealand scored two points in the first end of their game against Finland.

Then the game was all Finland's. They had five shots on the board after the fifth end.

New Zealand got a single point in the sixth end and conceded after the seventh end when Finland scored three points. The final score was 8-3 to Finland.

The two games in the women’s section were both one sided.

Italy put eight points on the board in the first four ends, while opponents Russia had just one point.

Italy stole two single points in ends five and six before Russia conceded after scoring one point in the seventh end with the final score 10-2 in Italy's favour.

Afterwards Italian skip, Fiona Simpson, said: “I think the game went very much in our direction. We have been fighting very hard this week, we’ve been holding teams earlier in the week and we couldn’t be happier with a score like that. With all the support I couldn’t ask for more.”

Scotland had five points to Finland’s two points at the half way point.

Finland got one point in the fifth end and conceded when Scotland scored another five points in the sixth end for a score of 10-3.

After the game, Scotland skip Christine Cannon said: “It was a good game because the opposition skip played fantastic and everyone time we built up an end, with their last stone, they drew for a one so we had to be very patient and keep believing and making our shots. When we had last stone we had to hope that we could get a big end and we did that in the sixth.”

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